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In 21Centuary, the information technology (IT) revolution has transformed world industry- leading to new types of work processes and business organizations, and increased productivity and consumer innovations.
About Us
Ekta Infocom Services specializes in installing and maintaining various types of Servers, PCs, its Peripherals, Networking Solutions. Equipped with tools and qualified as well as experienced service engineers.

We make sales of a wide range of computer hardware, Systems, Peripherals, Data Recovery, Web Design & Hosting, Software Development, All kinds of Printer Refill & Service, Advance Networking, Data Entry & Processing Services, Computer Training & Support and have been indulged in fulfilling all the requirements of our customers at the best price as possible.

To keep ourselves moving along with the present business trends, we have launched this website of our company. While a great care has been taken in developing our website, it has been primarily focused on our basic motto "Complete Customer Satisfaction with best quality in quick time". The aim behind the creation of this site is to enhance the support functions to our customers. Through this, customers are informed about the rates of various products, and can obtain an instant quotation of all the products of their choice.

To achieve this, Ekta Infocom Services was established in the summers of 2003, with a mission to provide quality and cost effective service solutions to IT organizations in Uttarakhand, India. We excel with our gained profound knowledge and in-depth understanding of different areas of operations. Our dedicated team is achieving while fulfilling customer dreams and aspiration in each journey. We fly and enjoy with our customer satisfactory expedition.
Our special Services are :

Cheapest Rate

Friendly Atmosphere

We ensure our clients best service. We also give you guarantee that you with never be deceived for your dependence on us. We ensure transparency in work. At present market is flooded with refurbished products! You should be careful in choosing genuine products. We can blindly put faith on us. Please come our service center for genuine products.
We are associated with
nagar-nigam-dehradun Institute Of Co-operative Management KFC Karam Chand Thapar & Bros. (Coal Sales) Ltd.
Our Services

Computer Sales & Services

Website Design & Development

Computer Advance Networking

Data Protection & Recovery

Printer Refill & Services.

Data Entry & Processing Services

Man Power Supply

SMS & Online Marketing

Software Development

Computer Training & Support

Data Bank

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